Rectal Examination – Joe Gillis and Leo Rosso – Full HD 1080p

Joe Gillis is having some discomfort in one of his testicles and goes to Dr. Leo Rosso’s clinic for an examination. In the examination room, Leo asks Joe to drop his pants. After inspecting Joe's balls, Dr. Rosso massages his dick and perineum, and Joe starts to get a boner. Next, Leo offers to do a prostate check - introducing one finger and starts to feel around. With two and even three fingers inside his hole, Joe gets a full boner; moaning and enjoying the rectal examination. After finger fucking Joe’s asshole, the mischievous Dr. Leo Rosso fucks Joe on the examination bed. Who wants a check-up?

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Duration: 20:33
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AniMan Classics – Voll. 3-5

- Birds 'n' Bees Educational Films
- The Sheriff Of Lone Gulch
- The Poker Game
- The Country Club
- AniMan Bonus Scenes
- Axel In Harlem
- Heracles
- The College Grass-Cutter
- Coach Kuntzmann's Man-Cunt
- The Filipino Professor

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Leo Rex & Danny Wolfe – Cruizing Bad Ladz

Release Year: 2021
Studio: Scottxxx

New lad Danny Wolfe is not only fit as fuck, he has the most incredibly gorgeous feet. Cruizing around the local park for some cock, Danny spots fit cockney lad, Leo Rex. After a brief cruize, they head to the nearest gay sex club to get down to some sneaker business. Both kicking back in the horniest TN’s I’ve seen in a while, Danny, who is massively into all things feet gets straight down on Leo’s trainers and has a good play. He’s more than happy when Leo pushes his smelly white socked feet in his face… The pair worship each others stinky socks and bare feet perfectly – The chemistry is fucking unreal!

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Your anus is sweeter than honey

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Axel Abysse, Aiden Woods
Genres: Boots, Dildos/Toys, Fisting/Handballing, Fetish/Kink, Piercing, Rimming, Rosebud
Video language: English

Aiden Woods is on his back and yells to Axel Abysse, 'fuck my mouth, fuck all of my holes'. Axel responds by shoving his uncut, pierced cock in Aiden's mouth. Mounted on a lazy-Suzan, Axel spins Aiden around and gives his succulent hole a slobbery tongue bath. Aiden returns the favor bending Axel over to swirl his tongue into his swollen hole. Switching positions, Axel lays back and jerks his pierced, uncut cock while Aiden continues to fist punch his bare hole. Aiden continues to rearrange Axel's insides until they stand and jerk their loads into the air.

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Club Inferno Dungeon – Hole Busters

Meet the Hole Busters - a gang of hard-hitting handballers who are not playing around - they're here to bust your hole wide open! Josh West leads the pack of big-dicked, hole stretching fiends who pull out an eye-popping arsenal of enormous toys designed to bust even the most accomplished holes in town!

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Armed Services, Scene 02 Evan Matthews, Rex Gravis

Video language: English

Rex Gravis catches Evan Matthews writing to his fuck-buddy back home, telling him how much he misses his fist in his ass. Gravis promises not to reveal the scandalous content of the letter if Matthews sucks his cock. It doesn't take long before Matthews rolls over on his back and pulls out the rubber gloves, allowing Gravis to explore his hungry hole. Realizing he's found a true fist-pig, Gravis drenches Matthews' hole with a boot full of hot steamy piss, preparing it for his greasy paws. Gravis pushes his forearm into Matthews' hole until he produces a big fat rosebud then blows his load.

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