WHiggins – David Samek – Helping Hand – 30-12-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

David Samek is a really good looking guy who came in for a shoot. In just his underwear he stands and begins to run his hands over his body. Then he kneels on the bed and a helping hand arrives, and stands behind him, resting his hands on him. The hands begin to feel David's body and move him, so that his ass is facing the camera. Then they start to feel his ass, dipping into the underwear. The underwear is pulled down, to expose David's beautiful ass, with its hairy crack. The hands caress that lovely ass, reaching undereath to feel the balls. David loses his underwear and we see that his cock is nice and hard as the hands work on him. His cheeks are spread, showing his hot hole. Then a finger is lubed and slides into that hole. As the cheeks spread that hole opens up very nicely. The finger gets working again, pushing into the hole before a toy is introduced. It slides, effortlessly into David's ass as a hand wanks his hard cock. Another dildo appears and that goes into the ass as well, while David looks back towards the camera. He turns over and lifts a leg, so that his ass is available for more fingering. The the hands concetrate of David's cock, wanking him until he delivers a very nice, creamy cumshot.