Army Tin Bath (Richard)

Studio: Cmnm

The recruits at the CMNM military academy are learning about how to keep clean in the wilderness. This involves nothing more than a small mess tin, an old cloth and a bar of soap. Its necessary to keep the squaddies in place as well as educate them.
Brisk Sergeant Richard Atkinson does this by making the lads sniff his crotch and assto judge how clean they are. He shows no shame as he leads the nervous men in a lesson on how to wash his cock, sweaty balls and ripe asshole.
The astonished young privates stand sheepishly in line as the commanding sergeant explains to them the importance of anal hygiene. To drive his point across, Sergeant Atkinson makes them do a thorough examination of his rectum inspecting his holeand driving their fingers deep inside him.
The tender privates are astonished at how his muscular butthole clenches around their fingers practically trapping them inside him.
A soldier cant keep his mind on battle when his balls are full to bursting. Its necessary to relieve this sexual frustration through regular masturbation and theexpulsion of semen.
The sarge at CMNM drives in this practice to his cadets so that they not only empty their own balls but also help out their fellow soldiers. This builds up a sense of camaraderie as well as relieving them of their heavy loads.

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