Elder Stewart – Disciplinary Action 2Nd Part

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Patriarch Smith is well aware of the powerful effect he has on the young Mormon boys who come to him for guidance, punishment and forgiveness. He has always been a handsome man, and he can see in the boys eyes the fear and longing inspired by his big frame and muscular build.
And his confident, stern perality is the final ingredient that makes the young missionaries weak in the knees. The submissiveness he inspires in them makes it easy for him to handle them when they come in to be disciplined. As much as they fear disappointing him, they trust him implicitly and are eager for him to take control of their bodies.
Patriarch Smith has Elder Stewart stripped naked and bent over his knee. The patriarch slaps his perfect ass again and again, leaving bright red marks.
Manhandling this missionary is a particular pleasure for the priesthood leader. The boy has the face of an angel, and a skinny, hairless body, and a giant cock thats pretty much always hard. As he bends the willing boy over his knee and plays with his gorgeous ass, the patriarch feels his own massive tool get hard.
Elder Stewart can feel the mans erection straining against his slacks, and somehow its even hotter that the patriarch is still wearing his Sunday best than if he were naked, too.
The man spreads his cheeks and starts to toy with his hole, and the pleasure is so intense that Elder Stewart moans. The patriarch immediately claps a hand over his mouth, which makes it hard for him to breathe but also make his dick start to drip precum. The sticky substance gets on the patriarchs pants, and he dabs it with a finger and tastes it.
Now that the boy is fully aroused, the patriarch positions him up upside-down on the floor between his legs. He plays with the boys huge balls and and strokes his massive cock, then opens his hole with a finger.
Then he shows the boy a huge dildo, glistening with the sacred anointing oil The Order uses to make the boys holes pliable. Elder Stewart isnt sure he can take a toy that big in his tight hole, but the patriarch knows that with a little patience and a little , hell soon have it in to the hilt.

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