Magnum Brings His Friends and Teach Them How They Deserve to Be Treated

Release Year: 2021

str8crushfeet - Magnum Brings his friends and teach them how they deserve to be treated, The Foot Valhalla. Magnum invites 3 friends
Earn Money, while a gay boy massages you, smells and licks your feet, while you play video games and drink beer with your friends
Is it Valhalla? Something like that, it is the paradise that fetishists have built to worship the feet of straight guys, a place where
two opposing worlds converge in sensory ecstasy.
There are several ways to get to this Valhalla, perhaps with a random invitation made by an emissary as he observe your masculine beauty on the street, some hear rumors and decide to present themselves if they are worthy of this paradise of rest. And today we inaugurate a new way to enter.
If an Alpha Angel that already belongs to paradise knows two humans or more who are his friends and have the potential to be part of paradise
He can bring them, but he will be the one in charge of guiding them in this new and unknown adventure for them, The Lords of Valhalla will be silent, and they will be nothing more than mere spectators without the right to teach or comment anything, the interventions will be minimal since whoever is in charge of the new postulants to deities to be worshiped, it is the Alpha messenger who brought them in the first place.

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