WHiggins – David Mertlik – Erotic Solo – 23-07-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

David Mertlik is aged 25 and lives in Troubky. He works as a driving instructor and enjoys sports, fitness and football. David reclines on the sofa and does a very nice interview before starting his show. Then he looks into the camera as he feels his body. He lifts his tee shirt and we see his nipples, nice and firm, and some hair on his chest. David gets onto his knees and removes the tee shirt so we can see his chest completely and, with his arms in the air we notice that he doesn't shave his pits like many do these days. Next David opens his jeans, and with no underwear his cock comes into view. with his hairy torso he looks very good indeed and bdgins to wank on his cock. As he wanks a helping hand arrives and David lays on the sofa, naked, and waits to see what happens. The helping hand drips oil onto David and begins to massage it into his chest and then his cock and balls. The hand takes hold of David's cock and wanks it. The cock gets very hard and we get some time to savor just how good it looks before David's legs are lifted to expose his ass. As expected he has a nice hairy crack and very soon a vibrator is pushing into his tight hole. It works its way into that hole as David's cock is still being wanked. The wanking continues apace and soon David is moaning as he shoot a big squirty load for us, with the vibrator still deep in his hole. David then moves off to the shower to clean up. He is a very nice looking guy and a very good sport, who gave us a very good video,