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...Blaine returns to the office today to find the cause and seek relief from a burning session when he urinates. I direct him to remove all of his clothing in preparation for the examination.
I begin the exam by checking the inside of his mouth for any obvious signs of infection before using the stethoscope to check heart and lung sounds. Upon entering the lower abdominal area, the pressure exerted by the stethoscope against his body and the proximity to his penis started the arousal process. In succession, checking his penis, the scrotum and the perineum caused a state of full arousal.
Having him stand up, I continued the genital examination; his penis now in a state of full arousal. After a hernia check, I directed him to return to the exam table and assume a position, resting onto his elbows and knees. I next took his temperature rectally before re-lubricated my finger for a prostate examination. I confirmed with Blaine when I located and started to slowly massage his prostate. After a few moments, I checked his penis for the evidence of pre-seminal fluids before directing him to turn around.
Resting now on his back, I had him draw his knees up to his chest which served to part open his buttocks and allow me to continue to massage his prostate further. Satisfied that I now had an abundant supply of fluid to collect, I had him bring his legs down and to place his arms over his head. I found this position to be more desirable as it does allow me to collect a urethral specimen without the patient interfering.
I surmised that Blaine was suffering from a form of prostatitis which would be curable through some antibiotic. However, I did wish to take a final seminal sample before he left the office today and for that purpose, I provided him with a collection dish and lubricant. He completed the sample production a few moments later as his seed completely coated the bottom surface of the petri dish...

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