WHiggins – Filip Cervenka – Erotic Solo – 19-11-2012

Studio: WilliamHiggins.com

Filip Cervenka is aged 19 and lives in Ostrava. He works as an electrician and enjoys sports, particularly football. He is a really nice guy who has really created a very good impression with certain members of our crew. After his interview Filip gets right to work. He stands and runs his hand over his body, lifting his tee-shirt to show off his body. Then he removes the tee-shirt and we see a very nice chest. He slips a hand into his underwear as well, feeling his cock. When he pushes the jeans and underwear down he releases a big, thick cock that is already rock hard. He takes hold of it and wanks it a bit, keeping it hard. Then Filip turns and shows off his sexy ass. As his hands pull the cheeks apart we see into his dark-haired crack. Then he lays, face down on the sofa and a helpig hand arrives and begins to massage him. The hands glide, smoothly over Filips body, pulling his ass cheeks apart again to show us that tight hole. Then Filip turns over and the hands start to oil his body. Filip begins to wank his cock as the hands work on him. As his cock gets nice and hard again the hands pulls the legs up in the air to expose that sexy ass. Filip is so horny though that it is not long before he drops his legs and shoots his cum for us. Then it is off to the shower to clean up. What a lovely shoot, from a very good looking guy.