Nate & Niko, Scene 2

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Fisting, Handballing, Fetish, Kink, Rosebud
Video language: English

Niko is receptive to the advances, so Nate takes it a bit further and rims Niko's ass to lube it up before shoving his dick inside. Nate fucks Niko over the desk, opening him up and getting him prepared for what he's about to experience next. Nate dips his gloved hands into a vat of lube and inserts his fingers into Niko's soon-to-be-ruined hole. He works on the intern to get his ass nice and loosened up, starting slowly at first and quickly working his fist in wrist deep. Nate loves the feeling of a gaping tight ass and keeps up the pace as he stretches Niko to the max. After getting his hole absolutely wrecked, Niko needs to blast a load. He lies back on the desk, and with his boss's fist still planted deep in his ass, Niko lets loose and unleashes a geyser of jizz to cap off his newest office duties.

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Dark Alley Media Lex Packer, Siliconed

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Dark Alley Media
Cast: Lex Packer, Franco Cento, Jack Union, Jeiko, and Leon Greedy
Genres: Fisting, Pissing, Silicone Injections, Pumps, Foot sex Fetish Kink, Extreme Penetration, Pigs, Hardcore

To our best knowledge, a silicone-enhanced cock and scrotum have never been shown in a porn-video before. Lex from London is an all round pig and very versatile. In this film you can watch him fisting and getting fisted, f"cking some "victims" asses with this monster-cock and the lucky guys are ...

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Duration: 1:20:39
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WH – Vilem Posto – Massage


Vilem Posto is a really cute guy who came in for a massage. He lays down, wearing only his boxers and awaits Ivan Mraz, who will do the massage. Ivan walks in and gets right to work on Vilem's back. His hands glide all over the back and shoulders before moving down to Vilem's legs. Then it is off with Vilem's shorts and Ivan begins massaging that hot, bubble butt. His hands spread the cheeks as they are massaged. Vilem is moved onto his knees, and his ass spreads naturally, with Ivan rubbing up and down that hot crack. His hands also rub over the hanging cock and balls. He takes hold of the cock and begins to wank it as he rubs the ass. Soon he has a finger exploring Vilem's tight hole, and he slips it inside. Then it goes in further, fucking in and out as Ivan wanks on that cock. Next Ivan takes a vibrator and slides that into Vilem's ass, fucking it nice and deep, as he continues to wank on that cock. Vilem turns over and lays on his back, with his cock rock hard. Ivan grabs it and continues wanking it, not letting up until Vilem unloads his cream. Ivan milks it dry after a very hot massage.

Muscle Domination Wrestling – S11E06 – Super Men Season 3 Episode 4

Vain is the ultimate alpha male. Genetically sculpted to be the ultimate alpha, and spread his superior seed across the planet. And now he is back, the world under his superior boot- Super stud, one of the world’s last defenders, crushed by his superior size and power and left broken for the whole world to see.

That was for fun, to prove an example and flaunt his restored power to the world. But now its personal, as he confronts Wonder Man, the one who formed an alliance of the superhero’s of the world to lock him up so many years ago. Now he is ready for vengeance- his bulging muscles warmed up and ready to do serious damage.

It isn’t long before he has his veiny hands all over the costumed hunk. But no matter Wonder Man’s size, he can’t get the upper hand against the oiled Vain, who throws him around and punishes his physique with ease.

Usually it is the clothed man who has superiority- But Vain subverts this notion completely, flaunting his control over the situation in his skimpy black leather trunks as he taunts his victim through his mask, pumping himself full of venom.

After a lengthy assault on every inch of Wonder Man’s physique by the serum enhanced Vain- Vain decides to make a mockery of all that the super hero holds dear. He strips the hero’s cape off before shredding the tight costume to ribbons, exposing just how vulnerable and helpless the bulky stud is.

He rearranges the once confident man’s face and declares his absolute supremacy over mankind, before truly putting him in his place.

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Nate Grimes and Niko Reeves, Scene #01

Release Year: 2020
Studio: Fisting Central
Genres: big dick, hard, muscle, gay
Video language: English

Nate Grimes is stressed in the office and needs a little something to unwind. There’s no better way for stress relief than to have the newest office boy, Niko Reeves, come to his office to service his hole. Niko wants to impress his boss so he does as he’s told and crawls into the office naked on all fours. Nate doesn’t want to waste time during business hours so he bends over and cuts to the chase. ‘Eat my ass,’ Nate commands, and Niko happily complies. Niko gets in deep with his tongue to open his boss up and after a nice long rim session, Nate bends over to take all five of Niko’s fingers. Niko’s hand goes all the way in, handballing his horny boss wrist deep as Nate demands even more. Niko lubes up again and alternates both hands in and out as he stretches Nate’s sloppy hole to the absolute limit. Nate needs it deeper and has Niko put his arm on the desk so Nate can ride it. Nate slides his asshole around Niko’s fist and rides it up and down until he’s ready for Niko to finish him off. Nate lies back on his desk and has Niko shove his fist in deep one last time. ‘Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum, boy!’ Nate yells out as he pumps his load out of his throbbing cock. Niko pulls out his fist and leaves his boss a panting, sticky mess in the office.

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Duration: 24:11
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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S11E02 – Oil Hunks 3 – Chace LaChance vs Mutant

Sometimes, one muscle jock can barely squeeze his ego into a room with him; add another jock bodybuilder to the equation and there is bound to be fireworks. Hairy He-Men star, Chace LaChance has been very vocal leading up to his match with the massive Mutant. Chace called out Mutant while trying on a variety of gear to wear to the ring, to look his best in victory over his muscle stud opposition. Mutant responded, accepting Chace’s challenge and is now flexing in front of the mirror in the weight room, awaiting the arrival of the hairy muscle stud. Marching in, LaChance storms the mirror; the flex off ensues. Mutant has a definitive size advantage, he is absolutely massive, but Chace is ripped to shreds, with perfect proportions and a coat of studly, masculine hair to go with it all. Chace conceeds that Mutant might indeed be larger, but contends that fast food accounts for all the extra weight Mutant has over him. LaChance demands a strength contest to see who is more man. Mutant, now developing a nice muscle pump, happily obliges Chace and bests him in a chinups contest. LaChance speeds into the next contest, thinking he will find a way to edge out the mighty Mutant. . Building some momentum, Chace produces an arm wrestling platform and challenges the muscle freak. After the contest, Mutant and Chace agree to settle the real winner of the challenge in the ring.

Mutant and Chace switch up the gear, take to the ring and start a full-fledged flex off. Chace uses the time, to lead the posing and the shit talk. LaChance is totally self-absorbed, moving from muscle to muscle. Mutant’s glance continues to pan up and down the rugged body of Chace, taking an extra-long stare at his dick through Chace’s see-through string thong, then sizing up his own swelling package. “You may be heavier than me but I’m still stronger” Chace asserts, “I’m really curious about how this wrestling match is gonna go down,” he taunts mockingly, feeling supremely confident and assured of Mutant’s defeat.

“We already know how it’s gonna go down” Mutant retorts, in an alpha male vibrato. With both hunks’ heads building up sufficient steam, they take off to change once again, this time into their wrestling gear. Appropriately, the titans start the match with a strength test, which sees Mutant overpowering Chace with sheer size and strength. Chace struggles to make it back to his feet under the weight of Mutant. The latter, pins Chace down and flexes atop his squirming body.

Mutant, against better judgment allows Lachance back to his feet, where Chace shows he can still flex even after a beating. Chace grabs the reigns and begins to pummel Mutant, evening the score once again. Neither of these hot-headed muscle hunks want lose the intense contest as the action swings back and forth, with Chace using dirty tactics and tenacity to grab the upper hand, while Mutant uses his supernatural strength to submit Chace. One thing is certain, in the end, one of these muscle hunks will be to oil down the other in the ultimate show of submission and defeat.

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Duration: 26:40
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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S10E08 – Super Men Season 3 Episode 3

The heart of a superman never ceases to beat. Even when brought to the brink of destruction, the very boundaries of pain and agony, the veins of a hero continue to pump, fueling the fire beneath the steed. The of destiny have seen fit to call upon the service of Earth’s greatest hero, the recovering Super Stud. Betrayed by the suit, annihilated by Super Heel crushed by Supremacist, and smashed by Vain, the ageless defender of all things good must regroup and deploy himself into battle, allying himself with Wonder Man, in an attempt to finally attain victory and triumph over evil. The legendary super villain Vain has already had his way with Super Stud, who ends up bound, broken and submitted at the feet of ruthless evil. Super Stud has endured the harshest beat downs from all sides; even the binding of the immortal titan Vain, was not enough to subdue his foe. He hopes the aid of a fellow super hero will help him conquer an insurmountable threat.

While the sun still illuminates the earth, a superman cannot die. Bound by a code of honor, Super Stud, time and again, opposes the that continually leave him decimated. Throughout every torment there is one thing that remains intact for Stud, his hero’s spirit. Given enough recovery time for his cells to soak up the nutrients they need and become supercharged, Super Stud leans on his infinite resourcefulness, enlisting the help of the only man to ever achieve a modicum of success against the nefarious Vain. Little does he know that the mysterious Suit, has gotten to that man first.

Long ago, in the days of the original Super Stud (before he turned Super Heel) Wonder Man was part of a crime fighting duo, a side-kick to Super Stud, whose arch-nemesis was the Venom hormone abuser, Vain. With each successive injection, the power and volatility of the testosterone driven Vain grew, until finally he became invincible. Super Stud had a plan to beat the unbeatable, to repel the forward motion of the unstoppable make. He sacrificed himself to allow a small opening for his side-kick Wonder Man, to shackle Vain and lock him away in frozen solitude. The whereabouts of Vain’s containment were known only to Wonder Man and the barely breathing Super Stud. That is, until Suit got himself a handful of Wonder Man’s cock and balls and extracted the information from him, ever seeking to improve his own position from the shadows, while manipulating the real muscle. Suit attempted the same sort of puppeteering, by transforming Super Stud into Super Heel, with his vile concoction. That plan failed however, as Super Heel became an uncontainable.

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Full Spectrum, Scene 3

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Fisting, Handballing, Fetish, Kink, Rosebud
Video language: English

Matched neck to neck in both ink and intensity, Doc Benway and Texas Johnny open the scene with a mix of tongue swapping, cock stroking and ass kicking. But these two aren't about beating ass with their muscle - they're about pounding it. A sweaty romp ensues with the boys swapping spit, shoving cock down throat and showing off prowess both chest and fist. Jabs, hammer fists and cross straight swinging are a returning theme of the scene and for good reason: these two gutter punks are fucking legit. They take their rallying to the couch where they get into an intense game of sounding rod plunging. Doc doesn't waste any time getting a rod into Texas's gaping piss slip. The tattooed pair sits side by side, cock to cock, matched in both chemistry and competition. Doc shoves a reel of steel down his slit and make the most of cock and couch. Bent over and ready to declare defeat, Texas Johnny gets it rough, loud and raunchy beside the sofa. Doc pounds him like a rabid , eats up the load he shoots on his ass and gives the runner up a load on his chest.

Format: mp4
Duration: 34:11
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6665kbps
Audio: 148kbps

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Pervert Fuck For Tight ManHoles

Release Year: 2008
Cast: John Adams, Brandon Bash, Chad Rock, Billy Long, Ian, Ricky, Cindy, Julian Fornatora, Rock Bottom
Genres: Anal sex, Oral Sex, Dildo, Toys, Muscles, Interracial, Gape
Video language: English

Welcome to Satyr Films Titles! Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the intensity that we get from our performers.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:08:20
Video: 640x464, XviD, 3419kbps
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