Studio: Hot House

In Take the Plunge, Brock Austin, an experienced handballer, has been looking for a young mentor like Sebastian Keys. Keys first les involves one of Austins favorite toys, the anal beads. Austin kicks back and opens his hole to receive the giant orbs, coaching Keys to take the handle in his mouth and tug. As soon as the beads pop out Keys puts on the rubber gloves; time for les two, fisting. Austin realizes hes met his match as Keys slowly inserts his entire fist and twists his arm, massaging Austins guts like a pro. The les gets twisted when Keys stands over Austin and puts his fist in his ass only to have Austin reach up and fist his students fresh hole. Its a double-fisting-frenzy that must be seen to be believed.
Get ready for a competition unlike any other youve ever seen before when ass-play champions Evan Matthews and Trent Bloom Take The Plunge. The object of the game: see who can sit down farther on a full-size traffic cone. Both men lube up their holes, squat over the cones, and take one-third of their cones with no problem. Trent pushes a bit harder and swallows half his cone. Not to be outdone Evan does the same. After applying more lube to his greedy rosebud, Trent sits down and more than two-thirds of the cone disappears up his ass. We have a winner! Trent claims his prize: Evans hungry hole. He shoves his fist up Evans ass to the elbow and massages his guts until Evan pops his legendary rosebud. Trent punch-fucks his buddys cavernous hole like a fiend then switches places with Evan. Trent wants both of Evans fists up his ass. Evan shoves both fists deep inside Trents hole and power-fucks him until the greedy pig-bottom cant take any more.
Sebastian Keys and Brock Austin are still going at it hard and heavy when Trent Bloom joins the action. The talented fist-pig grabs a huge dildo and rams it right up Brocks ass while Brock works his fist in and out of Sebastians fresh hole. Sebastian knows that Trents an infamous fisting bottom and he wants to see what all the hype is about. He jumps down and works his hand into Trents hole. His anal probing drives Trent wild; he opens his hole and swallows Sebastians fist and forearm. Before he realizes whats happening, Sebastians entire arm is up Trents ass to the elbow! Brocks ass has taken all the abuse it can for one day but Trent and Sebastian are just getting warmed up. They leave together to continue their assplay somewhere else.
Jessie Balboa takes his job as fisting mentor very seriously. He intends to stretch out Brian Bonds hole no matter what it takes. He pries the young studs ass open with his gloved fingers and picks up an enormous dildo. Bonds eyes pop out of his head, theres no way he can take it, at least thats what he thinks. The maniacal Balboa shoves the 18” x 9” fake cock in Bonds ass and works him over hard. Balboa rewards Bonds by offering up his own giant ass. Bonds massages his mentors hole and works one fist, then two up inside Balboas hungry hole. Bonds decides to take the plunge; he gets Balboa on all fours and inserts his entire arm to the elbow deep inside Balboas guts!

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